27.5 hookless and Plus sized carbon wheels

We are in the process of finishing up our short term test of carbon fat bike frame that we may pull into our rotation running a set of 27.5 plus hookless carbon wheels that will definitely enter our rotation.

The frame is a full carbon frame and fork running a 150 rear thru and a 190 rear thru axle. The frame is light and has rack mounts making it an ideal bike for light duty bike packing or endurance winter racing. Plus, its fun, agile and spunky. The geometry is very close to the Salsa Beargrease, one of the most accomplished fat racers on the market.

We havent tested any full fat bike tires on it yet and instead have chosen to run WTB bridgers. In our mostly dry and snow free season so far here in KY this tire is plenty. Lots of traction and a heap load of cushion making this an ideal all arounder for our terrain. 

I'm not a racer but I used to play one in amateur road and cross events. I like to ride fast but I don't feel the need to do any short course off road races. For me, off road is fun. You loose the stress of riding with traffic and get to spend some alone time with nature. For someone who isn't the most accomplished of bike handlers off road, the added stability and capability of a fatter tire is welcome. 

Plus, plus size tires are not slow. Sure, I am probably loosing a handful of seconds exiting corners and climbing, but that minimal loss is probably a wash when you consider increased speed in downhills and overcoming obstacles that a smaller tire would have more difficulty with. And it's fun. Being able to point and shoot over so many things that require more careful navigation with a "skinny" tire is refreshing and there is a certain amount of brutish glee in rolling over things on a fat tire. It's the "hulk smash!" of offroad tires.

We'll soon be testing 29 plus and full fat carbon as well. Having ridden a lot of full fat I have an expectation for what that will feel like. My limited experience on 29 plus has yielded a bias against the size but I hope to overcome that for review purposes. 

For now, I can say that 27.5 plus is an awesome tire size and a great option for a current fat bike owner looking to get a little more spunk out of their ride in non winter conditions. Now through the end of January we are offering 27.5 carbon builds starting at 900 USD. Call or email to start speccing your set out.