full carbon clinchers

Small Batch Rims landing soon and thoughts on mixed depth set ups.

We have a run of 40, 50 and 60mm rims landing this week. Many of them are spoken for but we still have many rims available to build out your dream set. House blend and premium blend wheel sets are still coming with free carbon braking pads, and free vittoria tires for the premium blend.

We are getting more calls for mixed depth sets as well. A mixed depth set typically consists of a shallower front wheel and a deeper rear. The theory behind the concept is that you want your most aero and heavier rim in the rear, with a shallower,  lighter rim in the front. The shallower front will be less of  a detriment in stiff crosswinds and easier to accelerate on hills and during attacks. 

This makes the most sense for a dedicated triathlete wheel set, like a 60/90 set up. While many have run the 90 on the front that massively deep rim can really take a pounding in the crosswinds. While the 90 front is definitely an aero gain in certain situations, many have decided that it is more likely to be a detriment in rolling terrains and windy conditions. 

Many pro teams have adopted this as well and choose a mixed set up based on the days conditions. The hillier, the shallower/lighter they go and the flatter, the deeper. Orica Green Edge and Sky are teams that are more likely to use a mixed depth set up than a matching depth set up.

Of course, Aesthetics plays a role as well and many still want to have a matching depth on the front and rear wheel. 

there is a strong argument for either set up but you can't go wrong with a well built set of carbon hoops from us. Give us a call and we can discuss your options and what might be best for the type of riding/racing that you do.